About Us

Priority Is Development In PRP

As PRP Business Solutions, with the principles of digital transformation and process design; We aim to continuously develop by producing the most up-to-date and innovative technology solutions by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level in order to provide solutions that will increase the competitiveness of institutions and realize their growth targets.

With our expert team, we bring your company together with the technology of the future.

We support our customers' business processes in all sectors with Robotic Process Automation, Project Management, Process Development, Special Project Design and Management, by providing services in the transformation of new generation technologies.

We continue to touch the lives of our customers by constantly developing in order to produce up-to-date and innovative technology solutions. In this context, we aim for excellence by blending the best quality service with sustainable and innovative business solutions with our expert team members.

Founder: Tuğçe Ese

Tuğçe Ese took charge in positions that were pioneers of change in many companies until establishing PRP Business Solutions A.Ş. . She started working in the Princess Casino industry 26 years ago. Her experiences there brought her closer to the Information and Technology sector. She resigned from her position as Finance Manager.

From this point on, she started working at Superonline between 1998 and 2000 and was promoted to Back Office Coordinator. She evaluated her experience here by taking part in the establishment of İXİR between 2000-2008. Her career as Deputy Manager of Customer Services and Invoicing & Collection Operations continued as the Customer Service and Self-Service Channels Manager after IXIR A.Ş. was acquired by Superonline.

She started working at Turkcell İletişim A.Ş. between 2008 and 2012. During this period, she worked as the "Alternative Service Channels and Solution Center Manager" of both Tellcom Communication Services and Superonline. Later, she continued his career as the "Business Development & New Operations and Turkcell Superonline Operations Manager" at Turkcell Global Bilgi A.Ş.

Tuğçe Ese, always aiming to produce more solutions in the world of technology. while working at Turkcell Global Bilgi A.Ş. she participated in the ContactCenterWorld competition, a global organization with more than 205,000 corporate members, established on Customer Experience, Employee Loyalty and Business Strategies. With the Best Incentive Scheme project she ,and her project, became the first in the EMEA region and then the World in Contact CenterWorld.

She left Turkcell Global Bilgi A.Ş. in 2012 at her own request. This has led to many opportunities for her own ventures. She has carried out numerous studies to examine and evaluate various sectors and opportunities in Europe and America. She signed successful initiatives operating in the E-Commerce and Agriculture sector.

In 2019, she took a serious mission by undertaking initiatives in the technology sector, PRP Business Solutions Inc. founded in Turkey. PRP Business Solutions will make a name for itself in the future of the technology industry as a reflection of Tuğçe Ese's successful 26-year career.

Not only Technology, of course, her biggest passion is sail, which she is professionally interested in. She wants to travel the world by making this passion a goal. Tuğçe Ese, who has hobbies such as swimming, windsurfing, cinematography and travel, was born in 1975.

PRP Family Continues To Grow

Since the first day of our establishment, we have been designing the world of tomorrow for corporations by combining our creative, flexible and expert staff with our ethical, honest and sincere way of doing business in the corporate culture of PRP.

If you want to shape the future with RPA technology and be a part of our team, you can send an e-mail to our human resources department by clicking here.